Fix Windows 10 Activation Failed with Error Code 0x803f7001

A common Error Code that Windows 10 Users are facing recently is Error Code 0x803F7001. There are numerous errors that users are coming through but Activation errors are the most annoying.

This Activation Error Code 0x803F7001 in windows 10 is caused if you Clean install Windows 10 using flash drive. This Error may also occur after you update your system’s BIOS.

There may be a possible issue with Microsoft Activation Server and you are given an error that your windows is not activated, In this case you can only wait and verify if it is the issue from Microsoft’s side or the recent changes that you made to your PC (like BIOS updates or motherboard change).

Corrupt system files can also cause this error.

Before you reinstall Windows make sure to try one of these steps:

Steps to Activate Windows 10 using the phone activation system:

1: Open Run Command by holding  the Windows key and press R key.
2: In the window that just popped up type slui 4 and hit Enter.
3: On the following screen select your Country/Region Confirmation ID numbers and click Next.
4: Call the toll free number you see on your screen to get the Confirmation ID numbers for step 5 below.
5: Enter the Confirmation ID numbers you’ve just gotten over the phone into the A to H fields in the same way they were provided over the phone.
6: Click on Activate and that should activate your Windows 10.

Another way to fix the 0x803F7001 error

Change your Windows 10 Product Key

Another fix for the “Activation failed because this device doesn’t have a valid digital entitlement or product key” error is to change your Windows 10 product key by following the steps below:

1. Go to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Activation
2. Find the Change Product Key on the bottom of your screen.
3. Enter your genuine product key for Windows 10 (generated keys and cracked keys won’t work).
Tip – If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and received error 0x803F7001 simply enter the product key from your previous operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8).
The above steps should fix the 0x803F7001 error but in case they don’t please let us know about it, our support team is always ready to help.

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